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September 1

Move To Campbell

Move To Campbell
July 25

Travel To Australia

Per a deal with Space Systems Loral, We traveled to Australia in order to train personnel in the operation of their Situational Awareness Displays.
August 8

We visit NBN in Melbourne

After installation of Solarwinds NMS, we guide continue software support in Australia
June 22

DABSquared and Klinche Visit PCBC

We set a conference record with most sign ups for our new innovative financial software
November 18

Making a Splash at Keiretsu Forum

We spark interest with our presentation of our new financial software.
November 1

First Public Office

First Public Office
October 28

Partnership With CareGard

We partnered with CareGard, a warranty contract management systems for cars. We were brought in to complete reskin their User Interface from an old look and feel to something modern and easy to use.
October 23

Partnership with Klinche

We partnered with Sherratt Reicher and George Morf who brought us in to create their idea of an online finical construction management tool.
July 30

DABDisplay is Adapted For Restaurants

After seeing the success of the DABDisplay in the Space Industry we decided to pivot the displays to also work as restaurant menus. An example of one can be seen today At Big Eds Buzzard BBQ.
May 15

Collaboration With Cello (Now Squelch)

In exchange for Investor pitch consolations, we designed an iOS app for Jayaram Bhatm for his company Cello (now Squelch.io).
March 14

Partnership With Teaching Research Institute

We partnered with Lynn Singletary the owner of Teaching Research Institute (TRI). TRI had been working on a program called Social Shape Up, where they worked on Behavior Management for elementary school students. The program required teachers to manually collect sheets from students that were then entered into their current online portal. We were brought in to create a fun Student portal to eliminate the students paper entries.
February 13

Partnership With Space Systems Loral

We partnered with SSL’s new ground control team who wanted us to create a brand new product called the Situational Awareness Display. This display helps the mission control center teams know what is going on on the satellites at a quick glance and is a great marketing tool to show to their clients.
April 10

DABSeller Is Born

As part of meeting with Alberto, we agreed to help him create an iOS prototype. The prototype iOS app allowed users on facebook post items to sell to people that they know. He pretotyped, his own concept of prototyping (http://www.pretotyping.org), the original idea with his coworkers at Google. The idea is now in use by Facebook’s Marketplace feature.
January 20

Curveu Idea Is Born

Through a family friend, we got the opportunity to meet Alberto Savoia, the founder of Google Adwords. It was with him that he explained to us that schools aren’t going to switch to a new Student Information System (SIS) that we developed. Instead he suggested that we become a front-end on top of all the current SIS’s.
January 12

DABSquared’s First Office

DABSquared’s First Office
November 21

DABSquared Becomes A Company

Doug and Daniel successfully receive their State of California LLC paperwork and DABSquared is an official company.
February 22

Daniel Publishes SJ PIV 1.0

Daniel publishes his first iOS app SJ PIV to the iOS App store. This was the first grade viewer on the app store to access Infinite Campus and only worked for San Jose Unified School District.